Trying to use the Law of Attraction to create the reality that you desire? Having problems with manifesting your intentions properly? Need to know what else you are missing to make it work? Then listen up, because I'm about to show you...

The Missing Keys to Manifesting All That You Desire and to Experience a Life of Abundance, Happiness and Fulfillment



Enoch Tan - Creator of Manifestation Keys

There are many books on self improvement and success that attempt to teach you how to achieve the wealth that you desire, the relationship, the health, the happiness and the fulfillment.

But all of those books are usually lacking certain things that prevent you from having the crucial awareness that you need in order to truly understand how things work so that you can work with them.

Using the missing knowledge that you will find in the Manifestation Keys, you will be able to create the reality you desire more powerfully. Read on to find out how.

Dear Friend,

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you why Manifestation Keys contains the information you've been looking for and what makes it so different from all.

You see, you didn't arrive at this webpage by chance. You're here because you were looking for something. You were looking for answers that you are not yet aware of. The answers are already within you, but you just need something or someone to point them out to you.

You are looking for Truth. You are looking for the deeper distinctions of the stuff you've been taught but have not yet completely grasped in its fullness.

Let me ask you a question...

What if you discovered certain things that you never thought about before? What if those were the very things you didn't realize that have been stopping you from achieving all that you ever wanted to have in life?

You may have already attained certain things that you desire and are happy with. But what if there was much more which you desire to have, and you're wondering where are you missing it. Could it be that you just need to find out more?

Here are the Missing Keys you will discover

Learn about the Law of Attraction in a way you've never known before. Find out how this Law is THE KEY to Having all that you ever Desire in life. Discover how this Law actually works and how to really apply it successfully.

Find out how your Emotions literally influence your reality in a Physical Way. Did you know that your Feelings are not only experienced in your mind, but they become a tangible Force that Push away or Pull material things towards you?

Know how to FEEL Your Best now so that you would send out all the right kinds of energy into the universe, and be a Powerful Magnet that attracts all the good things in life while repelling all the negative things away from you!

Discover how to be in Total Vibrational Harmony with all that you desire. Learn what is the MAIN THING you Must SHIFT in order to be in a position to receive that which you are intending. People called this The SECRET behind The Secret.

Know what is the CENTRAL KEY to All Mental Phenomena. This is the One Thing that many other places have Missed out on talking about. This is the One Thing that Rules Everything else. Master the use of this and you Master Everything!

Learn The TRUTH about Taking Action to get what you want, which all other Self Help books have gotten wrong about. Know the reason why people Do So Much but Achieve So Little. Find out the CORRECT WAY to Take Action Successfully.

Know WHY most people are Not Getting what they are Intending, because they FAIL to take this Crucial Step in the Process of Manifesting their Desires. What you want is Already there. Successful People Take this Step Frequently and Massively!

Have you ever wondered what is the one thing that All Masters have in Common? They are the ones who have performed Miracles and done the Impossible. They all know the BIGGEST KEY to Creation and they always Use it at All Times.

Learn how to MULTIPLY what you Already Have, no matter how Little it is. Simply by changing your mindset about reality to the OPPOSITE of the way Most People usually think, you will Bring a Flood of Abundance into your life without limitation!

Finally discover the Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Know what is the Main Cause of Failure in Anything. This is the Biggest Reason why you have bad experiences and failures in any area of life. Know how to overcome the main cause and you will keep moving towards your desires Freely.

Discover another Law that you will find almost no other place talking about when it comes to the Success of Manifesting your Desires. This is the Law that reveals to you how you are able to receive what you have asked in a Scientifically Proven Way.

Know WHY is it that sometimes when it seems that your desires aren't manifesting, it is actually perfectly alright. This is the counter intuitive truth that most people ignorant of will undergo unnecessary struggle and frustrations.

Finally if all else fails, you'll learn the other part about the Law of Attraction which will put your heart at rest. When you know this, you will think to yourself "I Get It!" and you'll never think failure again, because you are "Enlightened" about the Universe.

Unlocking The Door To Unlimited Possibilities

How much would it be worth to you if you had the power to live the life of your dreams and to manifest all that you desire? Would you sell all that you have in order to buy the field that contains the ultimate treasure?

This information is worth thousands upon thousands of dollars, because of the immeasurable value that it has in the hands of those who can put it to use.

But I've decided to offer it at a very affordable price for as many people to be able to get their hands on this knowledge. The price I have in mind is only $97!

So if you're serious about radically improving the state of your life forever, you will get this right now and read the Manifestation Keys today.

But then I thought about going one step further and give you a $50 Discount! So the price would be $47 instead! You are more willing to accept this price right?

The truth is, that is still not what I'm willing to settle for. I want to really make sure that you have no excuse not to get your hands on the Manifestation Keys. So what is the ultimate investment you need to make to enter a new reality?

That's right: $7.00!

Yes, for the price of a fast food dinner you will have the missing keys of manifestation you need in creating the reality you desire and using the law of attraction to manifest all that you desire powerfully and successfully.

Why $7 (Time Limited Offer)

I'm only charging $7 for the keys, and not giving them away, for 3 reasons.

  1. $7 puts this e-book within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the most financially challenged person. If you are in such a situation, you need this more than anyone else to change your situation!
  2. Anyone who's not serious enough about their desire to manifest everything they dream of to invest $7 for the Manifestation Keys isn't going to take the time to really master and use the keys found inside anyway.
  3. Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of a fast food dinner and buy the Manifestation Keys has the opportunity to sell it to others and get the FULL PRICE of every copy they sell directly in their own Paypal account immediately. More details on how to do that are found inside.

I am already living the life that I desire and experiencing abundance, happiness and fulfillment. Therefore it is my desire to share my joy with others by showing them the keys to realizing the same state for themselves.

The advancement of just one individual in society causes a series of advancements of varying degrees for all others in society. Even raising the consciousness of a few people is enough but when I help raise the consciousness of as many people as I can, I will shift the universe dramatically.

I'm here to share knowledge and materials that can help you build wealth consciousness in yourself. By raising your consciousness, you will create your reality better which will affect my own reality better, because our reality is one.

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Customer Testimonials

I wasn't planning on putting any testimonials up, since it's so inexpensive and sells itself so well. But these ones were just too great to not post here:

"Dear Enoch, I just want to tell you that this is The BEST Work that I have read in nearly 30 in this line. All the things that I have had in my head, but never managed to put it all together, even with the quantum. It is very well put together and you will have success and respect due when its due. You are a young guy, and I am in awe of your knowledge and details.

Well done, that information just talked to me, and I feel that I am now in control, which is something that has stopped me from doing things for a long time, all in the search of the answers I not wanted, but really needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you, respect for your work.
PS, your work is worth all the money you want to charge, I have donated $100.00 dollars. It's really worth more than that. I have spent thousands over the years, and got everything for nothing, bless you Enoch. Please charge for your work."


"I have started to read your books. They are very interesting. My story as in how I started to understand the mental world was brought about totally by accident…

There was this woman I wanted to date but at the time she had a boyfriend.. So I completely gave up the idea of really dating her in the outer world and decided to enjoy her fully in my detailed imagination or as you say the inner world…

I didn’t try to manifest anything I was *completely content* to enjoy her in my mind only and I only did the mental imagining two or three times…..

After a few weeks I started to see in the outer world parts of my imagining showing up like magic… It turned out everything I imagined came completely into the outer world…. It completely blew me away…..

What do you think about the concept of my being completely content to enjoy her in the mental world only…."

- John Holleman

"Enoch, I just finished Manifestation Keys and was really impressed with it. It is a well written, concise and to the point work. It also answers many questions I had about the Secret mentality....I especially thought The Law of Detachment was crucial and so important, literally life changing if put into practice. I have known this but to have it written out so clearly and with the pathos you put into to it brought it to life...I thank you my brother for writing this I really enjoyed it and have seen many errors I have placed in my life by what I have focused on...PTL and GOD bless you...I look forward to reading your other works."
- John Butera

"When I bought 50 books from Self-Improvement ebooks, your book was one of them. You know, I read your book like a BIBLE, because it is so deep and one can't just rush through it. I said, what a book! To be honest, I have not read much of others. I kept going over your book's thoughts: Heavenly and Sanctifying thoughts in your book. Your Newsletter is Marvelous! Are you truly Human being or who are you? Are you that old Enoch who God took to heaven and now returns back to earth. Thanks Enoch Tan."
- Daniel Osho

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Get Your Copy Now For Only
 $37 $7 (Time Limited Offer)

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(I reserve the right to raise the price at anytime without warning.)

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